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Although everything looks dark right now, in fact this is the time when you have lots of option to change your life and lots of room for improvement. A lot of people lose their path, but things can change again and you can be in the right direction again. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You need to be alive to reap the benefit of this human life that God has given us. This is a precious opportunity. I can recommend some places to start, choose one thing and start there. Go to the Gurdwara and sit in sangat, do sewa. This allows us to meet people who inspire us and gives us a change in our thinking. Listen to Gurbani and really implement and understand the paath, even if you do like a page of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji a day and read the translations or do Japji Sahib Paath daily and understand how to implement these changes into your life. Do Ardas daily. This is a great time to start your journey of exploration into your Sikhi. Do Simran. Has something happened in your life that has changed that these things started happening? Did you used to have motivation to study? have you considered a break from school to sort things out? Studying and attending classes is very important in being able to succeed in college. No one can externally give you the motivation to do it, but what are you doing with your time instead? It might help to stray away from company that is keeping you away from your studies and gravitate towards dedicated people. What do you aspire to do in life? Do you have a goal or a dream you are working towards after college? It may help to explore that for motivation. Everyone has lust and ego. Gurbani gives us all the answers for overcoming this.