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Sikh arn't allowed to eat non veg. Guru Nanak has never said and allow. He writes to tell Hindus that by prohibiting meat alone can't send u to pal Brahm bcz nam prapti and other karma is important . At the time veg-nonveg is not issue among hindus. Bcz everybody is hindu. But God Kabir has clearly targetting idiot Muslims who eat meat. He ask mulla lab Aya Farman Allah ka .. i have read his all banis and my friend in above comments has said Kabir is just a Kavi . Now if he is just a Kavi then why his Bani is in Shree Guru Granth Sahib . Why Guru Nanak followed him. And Considered him as a 'Dhanak Kartar' . Even Muslims and Jews are not allowed to eat non veg . As per Kabir if prophet Mohammad has allowed then give the written proof. Bcz Hindus and Sikhs has written proof in Thier Granths. And my Sikh friends if Kabir was wrong then why his Shloks of prohibiting non veg is written in Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Nanak , Guru Arjun , Guru Gobind should have remove it if they were wrong. No Guru has eat non veg and told u to eat non veg. The only thing they has said is by being a vegetarian alone will not send u heaven or paal Brahm.. So if u r supporter of eating meat , then tell me only 1 shlok of Guru Granth Sahib where any Guru has written eat Sikhs , pls eat non veg , u are allowed to eat, there is no problem in eating non veg.