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Welcome to the forum. Tough situation, but you can definitely make it through. At one spot you put “I don’t know whether I should end this relationship or just end my life to get over it.” Do not end your life. No problem is so big that it does not have a solution. It sounds like your family is also very important to you and they would be very hurt by that. Let’s look at some of your options.

It sounds like yes your wife has been lying and this has made you angry that you wanted a partner that was amritdhari, yet she has broken her rehat and hidden this. We can’t go back in time and have to deal with the situation you are in. It is still possible you will both get to a higher space spiritually and mentally together, but this relationship may need some work. I have seen it happen in other relationships where a partner has managed to completely change their ways and become spiritual. You are her husband, stick by her. She is going to need some help to get there if she is willing to. Also, be clear that her breaking the rehat is not your fault- yes you kept her taking amrit again as part of condition for marriage, but breaking it was her own doing. Unfortunately she isn’t taking responsibility for her actions and there’s nothing you can do about that except tell her the seriousness of how much this is troubling you, and set a good example by living your own life well. Getting angry with her will not solve anything, and will only hurt you.

Have you thought about marriage counseling? I know its early in the marriage but the first year is a particular rough patch sometimes. I think you should accept her as she is right now and that you will move forward together from here. Over time maybe through meeting sangat together and praying together you both can get to know each other better and she can stop lying. You don’t know where she has picked up this mechanism in her life of lying over things. But I think you need to get to know her more. And grow together, pray together, do simran together. The influence of other Singhnis and couples may help her instead of directly pressing her on this issue. Love her for the stage she is at. I also don’t know about forcing her to take amrit again if she is going to break her rehat again right away which it seems like is going to happen. In 6 months take a look at if there has been any change for you. You still have lots of options but you can now look through the eyes of knowing you guys have worked on it. This saves you from jumping to extreme options. Maybe she is facing a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Maybe it is her friends influencing, or something. Anyways, I think that you should get to know her more over another 6 months and work on your spiritual life together. You are going to have to change your thinking in order to do that though and let rid of the anger and resentment over your decision. The divorce option, as youve said, does exist, but wouldn't you rather know you'd tried to work on it?