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What I would suggest, depending on how severe your depression is. You may be experiencing some signs and symptoms, so the best method is to consult a doctor or counselor who will provide some alternative methods on how to become more in control of your thoughts and feelings. It is very empowering to say to yourself that: You are in control of your thoughts and emotions. That is the first step in conquering depression. Depression doesn't control you.

Next, listen to Gurbani. It is helpful in moving through your situation. In addition, Gurbani is a symbol of gratitude and when you embrace Naam it is as if you are sending positivity everywhere in your house. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, it is a girls responsibility to learn the importance of Naam and how that will benefit yourself and those around you. Let the words and the sound of the music come inside you and let that transcend you into a more spiritually happier person. Gurbani is a form of inner peace of what your situation and circumstances are - acceptance and then moving on.

Try keeping a journal and make note of the affects Gurbani has had on your spiritual health. Note your thoughts and emotions. Have you noticed any significant impact or change? Are you feeling more happier inside? Are your thoughts positive? Are your emotions changing from negative to positive? This is called emotional dysregulation to emotional regulation once emotions and thoughts are congruent - lined up or in balance. In other words, after listening to Gurbani, are your thoughts matching up with your emotions? Therefore, positive thoughts must equal positive emotions in order to obtain equilibrium in your mind and body. Seeking harmony.

This should be the ultimate goal for listening to Gurbani and this will be the focus of your practice. Keep listening. Keep the practice. Keep the diligence. Naam is yours. Your relationship. No one can interfere in your practice of Naam. Remember this as you begin.