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I like some of the responses here that others have written. But I will add that you need to make sure that you don’t believe other people. Don’t let their words bring you down or get to you. If they don’t see how smart you or, if they don’t see your spiritual discipline, it is their eyes that are not seeing the truth. That is no fault of your own. You know what I mean? It says more about them and nothing about you. It is really amazing you are becoming a doctor. Just know within yourself that caste doesn’t matter. I could be wrong but what I am hearing between the lines here is that there are hurt feelings from what people have said, and maybe some shame there too. No one can devalue you. No one can take away the work you have done. Their opinions of you do not make you any less. So I’d say work on strengthening the inner self to withstand the emotions that come up for you when that happens so that your answers can become just a reflex natural response. You don’t have to talk at length on this issue. It’s fair to change the topic. You also don’t have to make excuses for who you are and what family you were born into with what name. So I think when people ask about caste, you can simply say “Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us that caste is not important, these are the teachings of my religion and therefore I will not discuss this.”