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Tell everyone that you are a Sikh Soilder! A Sikh Warrior and a Fighter! Tell them you are the Guru's Sikh! Tell them that Guruji has blessed you for been born in a Sikh family and being born in this Paanth! Tell them your soul is what Guruji is looking at not what caste you are born in! tell them you are a Khalsa and need be become Amrithari and use Khalsa as your new surname! then there are no surnames no castes no differneces between rich or poor just a Pure Sikh soul immersed in the Guru's Shabad! You can also change your surname to Khalsa and when the time is right as per Wahegurujis blessings you can become Amrithari! Waheguruji bless this child, this person and her family of doctors! you are doing well and dont worry much about what people think! they are not providing you with food education a bed shelter and happiness? take care! bhul chuk maff!