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Something similar like this has happened to me before- getting told you arent doing something right, or having someone chide you. Please don't be discouraged from doing more sewa! I'm really happy to hear that you were doing chaur sewa. So i think in these scenarios i have learned to just smile and be polite, and then ask a family member if it was accurate, and think about how to do it next time (learn from it). You didn't incur "bad karma" or "commit a sin." Its easy to accidentally make small errors in the way things are done, unknowingly. We are all learning. I myself don't actually know the guidelines for parkarma when you are doing sewa, and I hope someone can answer that part for you. In this video, they say it is done out of respect and we cannot say a person is wrong for not doing parkarma when they matha tek. Traditionally they are done clockwise like the laavan.

thanks for asking- I learned something from this as well!