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Very common problem. Just do your very best to concentrate. It will get easier over time, your mind just needs training like all of us do. This is a sakhi that reminds us of the value of reading Gurbani even if we aren't doing it 100% with understanding or concentration. "One day the Sikhs asked the Guru whether those who read the Gurus' hymns without understanding them derived any spiritual advantage from it. The Guru gave no reply at the time, and next morning went hunting. En route, the Guru came across a broken pot which had held butter. The rays of the sun were melting the butter on the broken pot fragments. The Guru took one of these fragments in his hand and said, "Look my Sikhs, broken pot shards - when they are heated, the butter that adhered to them readily melts. As the grease adheres to the potshards, so to do the Gurus' hymns to the hearts of his Sikhs. At the hour of death the Gurus' instruction shall assuredly bear fruit. Whether understood or not, it has within it the seed of salvation. Perfume still clings to a broken vase." The meaning of the parable is that whoseoever daily reads the Gurus shabads shall assuredly obtain peace. And even though he may not fully understand them, God will undoubtedly assist him." You are doing your best and God will help you. If you think about it, it is better to be doing your prayers and trying to overcome your thoughts then spending your time wasted doing other things. At least you are attempting then :) I hope that answers your question.