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First, I'm sure your parents already know. Mata and Pita see all and know all about their children, even if you are not aware of it yourself.

You have to tell them the truth to lead an honest life that will be more fulfilling. When you were a child, you obeyed and lived according to their rules. They guided and directed you according to the Guru's teachings as best as they could.

Now you are entering into college/university - a defining moment in your life filled with challenges but also a journey full of enjoyment. The task at hand for you is to develop more into your identity. Build good morals, beliefs, and hold strong to what you believe in. Have fun. Learn. Grow and Develop. Experience life. Exchange knowledge. Do your best. Focus on your studies.

Don't get caught up and influenced by your peers. By that I mean engaging in reckless behavior and not focusing on your studies. Your parents raised you to do well in school so you must honor that.

Everything else - according to Sikhism rules. Do what your able. Be true to yourself. Ask yourself....can I stop eating meat? Does this go against what I believe in? Can I cut my hair? Does this go against what I believe in? Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself these questions? Respect your parents rules while you are living in their house. That's not leading a double life. It is a sign of understanding for the way your parents raised you, the values they instilled, and not forgetting what they have taught you.

Your going to be taking a lot of different courses so expand your horizons. Take a philosophy course - learn more about God and how God is explained from that school of thought. If it is of any interest to you. Take a religion studies course.

Your parents will accept you for who you are. You need to accept you. Tell the truth. Once you tell the truth, you won't be living a double life anymore. You will find yourself in being truthful.

If you want to live your life without being held down than do it. You answered your own question. This is the direction you are heading in so own it. Explain your perspective with integrity to your parents. Trust me. They will understand.

Regarding Nitnem, there will come a point in your life when you will miss it and will want to recite your prayers and even listen to Gurbani. That will stay apart of your life forever, especially if you grew up listening when you were a child.