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THe history which is used to teach in schools is not our true history some content is lie actually the history we used to study in India is written or given by Britishers they destroyed indian education system . In around 1830 according to maculay who spoke in British parliament that India had approximately 98 % literacy rate and that time india had many lakh of gurukul and only Surat which is in gujarat had economy More than whole Europe at that time Europe didn’t have a single school the very first school was opened near the parliament for teaching bible only the literacy rate were around 17% after tha they want to rule whole india this was looking impossible to rule then maculay said to change the education system they passed a law to ban Sanskrit and destroyed gurukuls , every indian know the history of nalanda university and they opened convent schools to teach only western culture to rule and they get success. Now a days most parents prefers to send their child to convent schools and the students learn western culture. Every one know one of the American president died by fever because during sickness doctors used to cut nerves of hand for bleed out and one doctor left him whole night and he died. At that time indai had surgeons and different medicine for different diseases. Thats why Britishers never wanted that Indian people kabhi aagey badh payen aur angreji dawai se wo apna business kar sake . Unhone education system hi esa bana diya ki jab koi indian school m admisssion le par school se nikale to wo ek angrej ho aur wahi education system aaj h aaj bhi jab balak schools se nikalta h to usey Bharat ki history k alawa sab pata rahta . Sikhs ka balidan , adharam k virudh ladna kabhi nahi padhya jaata kyuki agar sikhi k baarey m koi jaane to aadhyatmik gyan ki taraf badhtey h jese sikh guru like guru arjan dev ji agar sabko ye gyan ho gaya to India education main kabhi pichey nahi rahega logo Ahm, kaam,krodha,ahankar nahi hoga to ye ek esa bharat hoga jaha kabhi koi crime nahi hoga.