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I am sorry I am going to dissect the numbers here. The only number I look for is One, the Ik.

4.125.000 Sri Shashter Naam Mala → Dib Shashter of Vaheguru, all Sins get erased

But doesn't protect against sins you will do in the future?

7.125.000 Mool Manter with Sloak (dharam arath ar kaam mokh mukath padhaarath >naath | sagal manorath pooriaa naanak likhiaa maath |1| (Ang 927) → all 4 >cardinal will be receive

What are the four cardinals?

13.250 Sri Jap ji Sahib ji → Phal of Sri Akhand Path

How can we get the phal if we have not read rest of the Bani?

If our Guru is One, Gurbani is One, then everything will have the same effect.. thirst to meet Lord. Let us not say this does this or that does this. Let us not believe in numbers, we have seen how a Path read 100 times doesn't help a person. Whereas even one Pankti of Gurbani can open up your mind. As an example, are all Paathi Singhs doing Sewa in Gurudwara Jeevan Mukat? Sikhi is a path where you don't know where you are going, there are no milestones, you just have to walk towards your Guru.