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You start your introduction with, I am a Jutt Sikh. That itself shows that you and your family is so proud of your Jutt lineage.

There is a lot of difference between theory and being practical. Though Sikhism rejects the caste system but the Punjabi Sikhs do practice Casteism on a daily basis. In Punjab, Caste and Gotra are given high importance. Similarly issues like Manglik, Astrology, Palmistry, and Black Magic are also there. People of Punjab do follow all this, no doubt about this. Whether they are true or not is a separate matter but Punjabi Sikhs be it Jutts, Ramgharias, Aroras or the Choodas they all believe in this.

So, neither you nor i, we can't change the mindset of the people. If you want peace and happiness in life, peace within your own family then follow the advise of your Parents because as Strong Kaur points out above that our Parents are Gods and another important message she says above, God is saving you from a fire that you don’t see. So, why not follow the instructions of the Gods(Parents).