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On the whole Manglik thing obviously that stuff is not true as people have mentioned before and shouldn’t be a reason against marriage. We talked about that a while back. Then there’s the issue of your parents who don’t want this marriage for you. Now having same ancestors is a quite a large issue though because being related increases risk of genetic disorders in future children etc.

I really empathize with your situation. You’ve been with him for four years through all these uphill struggles and you love him. At the same time I think there is a couple of red flags raised for me here, like you have put “life or death” as your tags here. That worries me because no matter what we should not be so attached to someone that we cannot live without them. There should always be that knowledge that we will be and we are okay, in ourselves, because God is within us. I don’t want you thinking that if you can’t get married that it means you won’t live a happy or fulfilled life. Of course heartbreak hurts horribly, I know. But you should take a step back here and think about your own spiritual evolvement within yourself and your connection to God. Don’t run away and get married. It’s impulsive and irresponsible and doesn’t solve the conflict with your family. Don’t make any rash decisions while you are feeling this desperate and emotional (and in case of emergency call 911, or call a crisis line where you can talk it out).

God has not stopped listening to your prayers, but you should think of it more like “am I listening?” Are you listening to the signals that God is giving you that maybe something isn’t right at this time. I think its important to realize that God is our parent- and our parents do what is best for us, not necessarily what we want. Maybe everything is exactly as it needed to be, and God is saving you from a fire that you don’t see. Sometimes we are brought together to learn something from each other. We have karma together from our past lives and we grow together. If you have questions, ask Guru Ji and you will get your answer as a Hukamnama. Whatever happens, ground yourself in Sikhi. Get closer to God, not further away, by understanding Gurbani, by really implementing it into your life. Let your pain bring you closer to Sikhi. Put your relationship with Guru Ji above your wordly relationships. God is always there for us.

I get how hurt and frustrated you probably feel at this situation. I have felt the same in the past, things not going the way you want and then getting emotionally tied into them. I think its just important now to prevent your mind from going into all different directions- do some simran, take a Hukamnama, and you'll figure out what the best option is for you here.