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Hello Martha, welcome to the SikhNet Youth Q&A forum. I'm sure others will jump in, but I'll give your questions a go.

a) Every part of the body has a purpose and function, even if we do not fully understand it yet. People cut hairs in order to look some way or other according to fashion. We simply keep our bodies in their natural form knowing that every part of our bodies is there for a purpose.

b) Well, first of all, Sikhi isn't a religious ideology, it's a practical way of living, a Dharma. Your question comes down to this.... What is your spiritual discipline? How do you remember the One and feel one with the One all through the day and night? How do you live a truthful life? How do you elevate yourself and others? How do you stay centered, aware, compassionate, neutral and rock solid? How do you live in a natural, neutral, balanced manner?

The spiritual technology which is your path in life is your Dharma. It is how you become a truly effective sevadar and become free of your karmic entanglements in this incarnation. "God promises?" What a concept. God doesn't promise or threaten. God IS. Your path is your path. Be blessed to find it and to live it with total surrender.

c) No one I know worships photos or statues. Don't you keep things around you that make you feel, love, beauty and delight? You can have these things in your environment without "worshiping" them.

If you can't see God in All, you can't see God at all.