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I'm sorry that you failed your course and will have to repeat it. My suggestion, yes is continue listening to paath, whichever one you like the most. The reason why I suggest that is listening to paath is a great way to improve attention. Close your eyes and focus on the words, at the same time you are learning. Rid yourself of all other thoughts. Practice this once daily. No one is perfect, so do your best to listen at least once. This will ease your mind before doing anything - preparing for an exam, studying, writing a paper, etc.

Another suggestion is find out when your professor has office hours or if there is a teaching assistant for that course, find out when those hours are. You can receive extra help for that course from your teacher assistant or profession during those times. Hopefully you do not have another course during those times. Maybe you only need to spend an hour/week.

Take a considerable look at your study habits. Are you attending class? Are you keeping up with readings in conjunction with lectures? How are you studying? Maybe you are spending too much time memorizing information rather than understanding concepts and coming up with examples. Try doing discussion questions located at the back of each chapter. The discussion questions are actually the key material/concepts that will be tested on your exam. If you know that your exam is going to be multiple choice than find practice questions available in your textbook. You can even find practice questions online if you type in specific key words.

Once you figure out and establish a good study routine, you will do just fine. If you need the extra help, I suggest you seek it. Office hours and teacher assistant hours are always listed on your syllabus.