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Please take this response carefully. You are young, and need much time before making a decision such as changing one's religion. Please, do not rush this. It is true, that a Sikh cannot follow Islam. The Gurbani instructs us, in fact, commands all Sikhs to follow Gurbani, the "Sikh scriptures". Consider three colors, Green, Blue and Orange. These colors are also different, and often "Green" is used by Islamic states, and "Blue" and "Orange" is used by Sikhs. Religion is reflected through color. It is also correct that often Sikh parents get "angry" when faced by such a question. This anger is actaully "love" for your well being. But often, this has the effect of driving away the child from one's religion. The problem is that a number of Sikhs do not follow their religion. Some in other religion do not follow their religion. Our reasons for changing the religion have to be questioned. However, I will tell you this. A number of scholars of Islam, have referred to Sikhism as the "Great Sikh Religion". It is "Great" due to its unique philosophy, equality, fairness and unparalleled love for humanity..I hope it is helpful.....Kuldip