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Unfortunately you can’t him realize his mistakes. That is his own journey. But what you can do is focus on what you can learn out of this. What has this taught you about yourself. I think that I hear a few things- that you used to argue a lot, for example, that might hint to work more on communication and conflict resolution. It takes two people to fight. That way it gives you life skills to be able to deal with similar situations in a more healthy way in the future. In this situation, I also hear that he ignored you, made you feel like he didn’t care, and you felt like that was your fault. That was his behavior and wasn’t right of him, that wasn’t your mistake. I understand it hurts to lose your best friend. Being ignored and rejected hurts beyond measure, and on top of that he didn’t own up to his mistakes. he wasn’t being respectful of your love, your time, and of you as a person. I think that if he realizes on his own and changes himself, he will come back and apologize, but if he doesn’t you need to accept that that relationship wasn’t good for you. You can’t change him, and what he was doing wasn’t healthy for you. Until he is able to recognize and correct that, that relationship will keep having the same dynamic. Youll keep having the same arguments because he will keep ignoring. I think one of the good things you did was try to talk to him about the impact of his behavior- his ignoring, was having on you. Beyond that, since he didn’t change, I think you really need to just move forward with your life and try to heal from this. I think sometimes the best way to “fight” the injustice you feel against yourself that he never apologized and you tried to mend things but it didn’t work, is to just heal and live a good life. You don't need to argue it or fight it. God is just and gives us the chance to mend things when He feels the time is right.