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Sorry to say this Please learn to stand up for your self! if you want to follow Sikhi tell everyone! and stick with it! dont be pushed by anyone! you are you and have to live your life! Your mom or anyone will not pay for your Karmas or even stand infront of Kaal when Yaam comes to collect your soul! sorry for being so abrupt! If you let thso happening your life will just spiral into this yes i follow attitude or give in attitude and there are many people out there who can abuse that situation! stand up yourself! Its your hair, if you want to grow or not! be it head or underarms! I am in teh same situation, I lost my wife recentlya nd started going to the Gurudwara for peace of mind and doing Simran, and evertime i sit with teh family they have only controversy to talk about like there is a fight in a gurudwara in Canada? God what i can do about that! some people will walk all over you! Please stand up for your self! and i can guarantee your life will be a good and happy one! Best of luck! Bhul chuk Maff!