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Someone talking about suicide should always be taken seriously, and it sounds like he might act on it. In Canada we have the mental health act saying basically you can call 9-1-1 for him and say that you fear for his safety and tell them what he was saying to you, and the police would go to his house to take him to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation for his own safety. I’m sure there probably exists a similar thing in the US/UK etc. I know you probably feel reluctant to do this, but it might save his life! Honestly if I was you in that situation, I would do that. When people are struggling with mental illness, sometimes the emotional pain can be so bad they don’t think clearly. He needs to see a healthcare professional to get some help so he can get back on his feet and feeling better. I’m glad you care so deeply and have stuck with him through this. It takes a lot of courage from your part. He is pushing you away but actually usually people need someone the most during that time so you have done well by sticking around. You seem to have a good understanding that his bitterness and anger is actually a result of his suffering and not about you, which is spot on. His hopelessness today sounds particularly worrying.

So I’d say ACT now. Call an ambulance for him to be seen by a doctor. It might save his life. I know you’re scared. I want you to understand that no matter what happens, his choices are his and it’s not your fault. But really, doctors are the ones best trained to help him and they can! People can turn their life around with some help. They are the ones who can help him, and there’s no way he can really turn that help away if they show up at his door. Even if you promised you wouldn’t say anything, you need to break it, because this is about his life, and they can help.