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Waheguruji Onkar,

You have to stand your grounds! Dont let people exploit you! it will get worse as time goes and will make you a weak person! The Guruji taught us to stand up and fight for our rights and others, Imagine Guru Nanak Dev ji was single handedly remnoving this concept from peoples heads that God was owned by the pundits! and that has carried on, slavery from thought which has not taken its full! People are still following idol worship etc... We Sikh people have some special Blood of the Gurus inside us! We are not the oppressed ones! we are the ones that free others! and ourselves! we have to be strong for us and others. Yes true God is everyone! If people are being horrible to you and you are giving them money and doing their work errands etc these people are abusing you! dont let that happen. Refuse and stand your ground! you are not their provider etc parent etc... when you have real friends who are not after money and favours then its different! Dont be soft be tough i am sure you will get alot of satisfaction! NO guilt! People are not your friends when they have beaten you or damaged your room! You need to stand tough and not let them in your room! and warn them that you will report to the authorities! Dont take CRAP from anyone! you are specail and you shouldnt take any crap from anyone!. We as Sikhs we dont really need any friends as the Guru is always AAANG SANNG of us! You could use the money to feed a hungry person and not a student who is abusing you like this! I hope this helps! I was bullied when i was a kid and talk from experience it is doing its damage, I am now nearly 50! So plse stand up and tell them to back off! Take care! Wahe guruji give you strength! I love listening to this Kirpaan! for Strength Guruji thank you so much!