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what do you mean accidently? Watch this video. He explains that Guru’s Shabad is more powerful than Black Magic. Name of God beats all. Read this story: The Queen of Kamrup also performed black magic. Guru Nanak told her “Listen, you have used your powers for mischief. You have not helped people. Stop tricking people and start saving them. God is inside us. Give that to people. Do your duties well. Show love to people. Meditate on God in your hearts and bring this cozy loving God to every house. This way you will be in bliss when you drop your bodies and go to the next realm. It will bring glory to your soul and light to the world.” This is what you need to do you mean accidently? as well. Go to Gurdwara, sit in Sangat and meet blessed souls. Do sewa (service). Listen to Gurbani as much as possible, and try to understand it as well. Do Simran. You problems shall be resolved by Guru’s help.