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Lavan is the marriage of two souls. It is soul to soul, not personality to personality or body to body. It is ONE soul in two bodies. Anything else is not true marriage. In marriage the karmas are ground out by sticking together and working through everything together. When two become one with the One in the Sadhsangat, that is the true Lavan. Here is a new English translation of the Lavan.

First Laav: Har-i pahalarri laav parvirti karam drirraia bali raam jio. In the first round of the marriage ceremony you make a firm commitment to family life, in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Baani brahma ved dharma drirrhu paap tajaaia bali raam jio The Gurbani contains the Dharma of Brahm as in the Vedas and it removes all separation from God, in the presence of Beloved Ram

Dharam drirrhu har-i naam dhiaavhu smriti naam drirraaia. Dharma is in the Name of Hari. Meditate on the Name as taught in the Smritis.

Satigur gur poora aaraadhahu sabh kilvikh paap gavaaia. The True Guru is perfect and removes your separation from the One.

Sahj anand hoaa vaddbhaagi man-i har-i har-i meetthaa laaia. It is your destiny to live in peace and bliss and love the Naam. Hari, Hari is sweet to me.

Jan kahai Nanak laav pahli aarambh kaaj rachaaia. Servant Nanak says that the first round begins the marriage ceremony.

Second Laav: Har-i doojarri laav satigur purakh milaaia bali raam jio. In the second Round, feel the sweetness of the True Guru in the presence of Beloved Ram

Nirbhau bhai man hoe haumai mail gavaaia bali raam jio. As you go beyond fear, your ego dies in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Nirmal bhau paaia har-i gun gaaiaa har-i v-ekhai raam hadoor-e. In your innocence, the qualities of Hari fill you. The One lives within you.

Har-i aatam raam pasaaria suaami sarab rahiaa bhrpoor-e. The same Hari that is in your soul is inside of everything.

Antar-i baahar har-i prabh eko mil-i har jan mangal gaa-e. Inside and out Hari is One. Hari dyes me crimson.

Jan Nanak dooji laav chalaai anhad sabad vajaa-e. Servant Nanak says that in the Second Round the sound of the universe is heard.

Third Laav: Ha r-i teejarri laav man-i chaau bhaiaa bairaagia bal-i ram jio. In the Third Round the mind blooms with love in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Sant janaa har-i m-el har-i paaia vaddbhaagia bali raam jio. Because our great destiny is so written, we are with the saints of Hari in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Nirmal har-i paaia har-i gun gaaia mukh-i boli har-i baani. Hari, the Pure One, is experienced by speaking Hari’s bani.

Sant janaa vaddbhaagi paaia har-i kathiai akath kahaani. The saints are destined to experience Hari and hear the story which lies beyond words.

Hirdai har-i har-i har-i dhun upji har-i japiai mastak bhaag jio. Meditating with Hari, Hari, Hari in our hearts we realize the great destiny written on our foreheads.

Jan Nanak bolai teeji laavai upjai man-i bairaag jio. Servant Nanak says that in the Third Round our minds bloom with love.

Fourth Laav: Har-i chutharri laav man-i sahj bhaia har-i paaia bali raam jio. In the Fourth Round our mind becomes calm and we experience Hari in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Gurmukhi milia subhaa-e har-i man-i tan- meetthaa laaia bali raam jio. In the company of the Gurmukhs I have met Hari and His sweetness fills me in the presence of Beloved Ram.

Har-i meetthaa laaia mere prabh bhaaia andin har-i liv laai. Hari’s sweet love comes by grace and it fills my life day and night.

Man chindia phal paaia suaami har-I naam vaji vaadhaai. I am satisfied. My mind is filled with joy. Hari’s Name resounds.

Har-i prabh tthaakur-i kaaj rachaaia dhan hirdai naam vigaasi. Hari, the Lord and Master, is one with His bride and the treasure of the Name blooms within her heart.

Jan Nanak bolai chauthi laavai har-I paaia prabh avinaasi. Servant Nanak says that in the Fourth Round we are One in Hari