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The Laavan are more than just about physical marriage of man and woman but explain marriage of mind to God. First laav is about doing the actions of remembering God, going to Gurdwara, praying, etc. Second: listening to Anhad Bani. Third: becoming detached (letting go of attachment), Fourth: union with God. This bani explains the whole purpose of our life. There are many great kathas on incorporating these into marriage. The most important thing is to put Guru first in marriage.

As for people who marry outside of Sikhi, yes obviously if they are marrying outside of Sikhi then they are happy to be marrying outside of Sikhi, that’s their choice. Concept of children- no rule on how many. Why would there be? That’s up to God. And no, having sex isn’t just for procreation. I don’t think there’s any rules about marrying younger. But culturally I bet people would judge.

I don’t understand the last part, are you looking or are you trying to ask something? Because there’s a lot more to look for in a relationship than a big house and money. Guruka Singh said in one of his videos- devotion of the heart for God is important. Is your devotion the same as your partner?