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Even though you believe in SGGSJ, I feel as if part of you also believed what the astrologer had said to you..And although you may deny it, it seems to be the case.

In Tav Parsad Saviye, it says:

Toorath Nhaan Daiaa Dam Daan Su Sanjam Nem Anek Bisekhai

Taking bath at holy places, excersing mercy, controlling passions, performing acts of charity and other rituals

Sroo Bhagwan Koo Bhaaekridaa Hoo Te Ek Rati Binu Ek Rati Ke

They are all worth nothing if you forget the name of the Lord...

A marriage (in SGGSJ) is a spiritual relationship. Its where two souls become one and follow the path of the Guru. I feel like kaam (lust) has taken over your husband and he also wants you to fulfill his "physical" needs as well. Take deep breaths. DO nitmen. Because its in Wahegururs hands. I know how you feel. My soulmate left me and he was a GOOD guy.

And remember:

usatat ninda nanak ji mai habh vanai shoria habh kijh tiagi .

I have totally discarded praise and slander, O Nanak; I have forsaken and abandoned everything.

habhe sak kurave dithe tau palai taidai lagi

I have seen that all relationships are false, and so I have grasped hold of the hem of Your robe, Lord.

I have been doing loads of path. And nothing helped as much as this shabad.

You feel this way because i dont think you love your self. And you live in fear because someone else has already left you before...You need to love yourself and cant be reliant on others for it...Everyone will leave one day. I wish I could tell you how to love youself, but even I haven't fully found a way. But i can tell you. Guru Ji loves you. And the day you make him your Lord Husband, the world will seem much brighter.

I wish you the best

Feel free to chat with me if you need someone:)