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Dear not-so-crazy dog lady - The souls of the animals who come to us have waited lifetimes to be in a Gursikh home where they can hear Gurbani and be part of a loving pack. Many of these souls were human in their last lifetime, but came back as a dog to bless us and take on our karmas. They are angels in dog form. Some dogs are not this (these are moving up to a dog incarnation) but many are, especially in Gursikh families. Death of a dog is not like that of a human. Euthanasia for a dog in pain is a loving act and has no karmic repercussions. There's no need to pray for Bella, but praying for her certainly does not "annoy" God or Guru. Feel the echo of Bella's loving presence in your life, talk of her with love and remember her with love. If this soul still has a role to play in your life journey, then you will be with this soul again. Remember, it is not a woman and her dog, it is two souls - it is a soul-to-soul relationship.