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There are countless cases happening in this world where Sikhs girls are kidnapped, drugged, and raped by Muslim men but still Sikh girls keep falling in love with Muslim men.

All of this is happening because today people who are born in Sikh families particularly amongst Punjabis are highly unbalanced, they don't get support from their Parents, they are not aware of their own Sikh faith, they get lost in Gurdwaras because they don't understand anything, they follow Sikhism out of Compulsion not out of Choice.

Young Sikh men and women of Punjabi origin are torn between Sikhism and Punjabisation. When in Gurdwaras, they are told to follow Sikhism and when they return back home they are enforced to restrict their lives within the parameters of the Punjabisation.

When Sikh girls grow up they want to make boyfriends and when they move out of their chaotic homes the world seems to be different and hence they get attracted to Muslim men and then the whole story begins.