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Only you can really decide if you should move on because you have to live with your decision but from your message it sounds a bit like you are torn because of wanting a real relationship and facing the reality that he doesn’t want one. In which case your choices are to 1) continue as is 2) stop talking to him entirely/pause or end the friendship and 3) get married to him.

Let’s explore these options together. Option 1 is continuing as is. The problem right now is that this friendship isn’t leading anywhere for you, and in fact is hurting you because you still have feelings for him, and you aren’t able to meet someone else to get married. He’s talking to other girls, but it doesn’t sound like you are talking to other guys. The plus side of continuing this friendship is that you avoid the pain of having to let go and the heartbreak associated with it. The bad part is that you are still in pain and aren’t happy right now. Maybe somewhere in your mind you are hoping that by continuing as is, he will come around and marry you, but remember that he’s made his choice.

You wondered why he doesn’t just move on or try to fight for your relationship. You could always just ask him directly. Why is he doing this to you, when it’s unfair to you? You said it hurts him to let you go, it hurts him to be in a real relationship. He is stringing you along until he finds someone else or his parents find him someone and that’s not fair because then it’s about him and not about you.

Option 2 is to move on. To stop talking to him, or at least temporarily put a hold on the friendship and get some space and perspective in your life. Probably spending some time to yourself would be good before jumping right into another relationship but it’s your choice. You know you tried everything for this relationship and he is the one who told you that he didn’t think this was going anywhere, so it was out of your hands and that might help you feel more at ease that you can move on. The good thing about moving on is it doesn’t drag out something that isn’t going anywhere and is hurting you. You get to process the heartbreak and then try for something new. The painful thing about moving on is the initial extreme difficulty of leaving each other, and not talking to each other. You’d have to directly tell him that this isn’t happening anymore and he isn’t going to let that happen easily.

Option 3 was that you get married. It sounds like you wanted this but he doesn’t. I guess the considerations in this case would be religion (which you’ve probably already talked about), both your parents being accepting, etc. This isn’t a viable option simply because he doesn’t want it and because his family will not approve. If he would have fought for your relationship then it would have been different.

Forgive me if I’ve said anything wrong. I wish you all the best in sorting this out. Matters of the heart are always complicated and no choice is easy. You could always do Ardas in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and ask for help in resolving your problem.