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It is very hard to be young, especially today. At age 14, I was also bullied. My home life was not good, and so bullying did not help when I was at school.

I have several suggestions.

  1. Practice gratitude. This is very hard to advise to someone who is having a terrible time, but it is proper energetic fact that forcing yourself to recognize all the good things in your life will help you to have a better attitude about the challenges you face. Remember, someone today prayed for something you took for granted.

  2. Find activities outside your school, if you can. A knitting group, book club, community garden, animal shelter (they allow teenagers to volunteer), college course, different sports, different clubs... it's important to get away from your high school, because high schools can be awful microcosms that teach exclusion and meanness.

  3. If your bullies are not physically threatening you, be straight with them. Say to them, "If you can't talk to me with respect, then you'd better not talk." Say, "I can probably understand whatever it is that makes you so angry, but not when you're being so sh**y to me." If they are physically threatening you, tell every adult you trust.

  4. Lean on and cultivate the friendships you already have. It's hard sometimes when everyone is being nasty to you to remember that there are people who love you. There are, though. Even your mom. Spend time with the people you get along with, who make you feel good about themselves. The rest of them don't need your energy at all. You can ignore them. That's your right as a human being!