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Ideally, Langar should be served all day, just as it is at Harimander Sahib. We feed people equally and unconditionally. It is Guru Ji's langar. In Guru Amar Das' time, he felt it important that all people, regardless of caste, sit together as equals and be served together before having Guru Ji's darshan because people came to see him who had an inflated sense of their own self-importance and came with their own agendas. Sitting together and eating the blessed food helped everyone come as equals by breaking down the caste rituals that created barriers of ego and status. Today we see Gurdwaras that serve langar all day. Everyone can come and do as they wish according to their own conscience, wash dishes, serve food, eat, matha tek, listen to kirtan, meditate, do nitnem, etc. I think it's important to recognize that each person has their own unique relationship with Guru Ji and is walking their their own unique spiritual path. Let us all honor and serve everyone according to their needs and not stand on ceremony or make anyone feel embarrassed or bad about themselves.