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Its tym to create awareness to punjab's youth so that they can realize their reaponsibilities. They have to standup for improving conditions for themselves. Many people in india have a thought that politics should not be joined by good people as it will ruin their life . That's why sikhs have to struggle a lot for their basic rights. Nowadays many gurudwaras stop doing katha and most of katha parchark misguides the people. They do nt tell about our gurus ideologies to be a good sikh completely. At this tym , people of india are directionless, misguided. But on my level im trying to awre myself first, my family and locality. There is a great need of good kathawachak. As every person knows history of our guru' s , their children sacrifices but they fails to understand how they become true to hold their responsibilities. From where the thing of sacrifice came. Many people read gurbani as a task but do not try to understand that what our gurus teaches us. Most of people have no interest in gaining knowledge from gurbani and apply it to lifestyle. There is need to unite and make other to build up

Bhul chuk maaf krna ji