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Actually, my son was 14 years old now and he don't want to leave his father and mother both. If I will go to my family then situation will take more worse situation. Everything will be opened in front of my family and him. Now, if they will take any step or will not take any step will create a lot of problem. They will take any step the only end is divorce and if they will not take any step this will make him believe that he can do anything. Nobody will say anything to him. I told him to take a one decision whether to live with me or with her but he was not responding properly. He always told me to take divorce if there is no quality in him. He abuse me alot! Now, he started washing his clothes himself and even sometime prepare his chapati also but not taking responsibility of his son and mine. Since, beginning am taking care of my son whole expenses and for myself also. Today, also he was talking to that girl and if I asked him to tell that with whom you are talking then he said this is none of your business. I will not tell you and if she will come to meet him and her parents will come to meet her. He will meet her and discuss with her otherwise she will commit suicide. My only hope is 'God'. Am not understanding what he want to do? He want to be in two boats which is not acceptable. Please guide me.