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Man Tu Jot Saroop Hai, Apna Mool Pachan: “O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light- recognize your own origin.” O my mind, the Dear Lord with you through the Guru’s Teachings, enjoy His Love. Acknowledge your origin, and then you shall know your Husband Lord, and so understand death and birth. By Guru’s Grace, know the One; then you shall not love any other. Peace comes to the mind, and gladness resounds; then you shall be acclaimed. Thus says Nanak: O my mind, you are the very image of the Luminous Lord; recognize the true origin of your self. (Eho Kahay Nanak Man Tu Jot Saroop Hai Aapna Mool Pashan) Ang 441 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, translation from igurbani

So this is telling us to recognize (pachan) that the mind (man) is the embodiment of God (Jot saroop). Through the Guru’s teachings (if we follow how to live as taught by the Guru Granth Sahib Ji), we will learn how to recognize our true origin as God. That recognition is essential, that God exists in both nirankaar form (formless form) and as various forms, like human life, and thus is inside each of us, in order for us to them be able to connect to Waheguru and merge with Waheguru (which is the purpose of our life). So it’s actually very practical in our daily life, in that everything that Guru teaches us to do in our daily life- to stay out of maya, and to do naam japna, vand shakna, kirat karni, and our daily bani teaches our mind that it is jot saroop.