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Dear Anon, People often give advice that is based on their own life view and what they think is right for other people. But you know yourself the best, and you know what works well for you. Trust that. It’s okay to have few friends and acquaintances. (In reality no one can maintain hundreds of close relationships in the first place. We only have so much limited time). You don’t feel a void which means what you are doing is working for you. I think being social tends to be over-emphasized sometimes. It is really important to be able to be alone with onself too. At a different time in your life you might go out seeking out other friendships. I don’t think you will end up lonely. You aren’t lonely now after all. And if you start to feel lonely in the future you can always go out and find some friends, nothing will prevent you from doing that at any point in your life. So don’t worry about that part!