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A Sikh of Guru Granth Sahib comes in a variety of looks and socio-class background. Farmers, butchers, warriors, doctors, musicians, leather workers,...all are found on an equal platform. There is no emphasis on strict, meaning less, outer rituals or idol worship. An idol worshipper who saw experienced the divine due to his pure mind in a rock is also mentioned. 5ks are a uniform of the Khalsa. Khalsa is the custodian of the spiritual treasure of the SGGS and is given the political rulership. The 10th Nanak did consider every willing volunteer to be a worthy of the Khalsa lifestyle gifts. All the Gurus and Bhagats in SGGS are from non violent lifestyles. The only sword warrior Guru Sahib whose bani is found in SGGS is Guru Tegh Bahadur ji. Guru Gobind Singh ji kept his bani outside of SGGS and offered the bir rash to his Sikhs who volunteered to be a Khalsa. Keeping your hair uncut has many benefits