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Sikhism is not everybody's cup of tea, the reason most of the Sikhs face extreme difficulty in keeping untrimmed bodily hairs from Top to Toe plus there are other restrictions too like Sikh must not smoke, drink alcohol and being vegetarian, etc., etc.

There are other religions, non-Sikh faiths which do not have so many restrictions like Sikhism, so all those Sikhs who do face daily issues in practicing Sikhism, do have the option of converting to any non-Sikh faith. Sikhism cannot be followed just by being emotional or sentimental or even by force. To follow Sikhism you need firm commitment to be made to yourself.

Please don't feel ashamed rather ask yourself, "Is it possible for me to follow this most difficult path of the Guru?". If your own inner self says No, then just leave Sikhi rather than being muddled or confused, and regretting as to why i trimmed my hairs.......................Rest, the choice is your's.