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hey,you are not u feel like discrimantion by your own religion?its ok..some people such as me and you are knwn to be like adviswe to u is that you should just stick up for yourself tell them .no one should be judging you we all maken mistakes so just forgive them and continue i often get people staring at me like how you are explaning it or ask there anything bothering you if so plz tell me yr .one time i was denying eberything of myself bvut than i realise why m doing wrong i lwearn to fight for one should judge you for whome u r or wht ur interests is.they r just jelous.or they may also feel awqard as they dnt knw how to react as wen u talk wit or pass them .they r proberly confuse anyone can be sikh. but just remeber theres always gonna be people getting inur way.just ignore them and do wht u cherish best and live up to an honest living!