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If i had a partner I would certainly want them there with me if my family member was even sick, nonetheless dying. It is very hard to do these things alone. Emotional support is huge. At the same time, sometimes some people prefer a little more private space to grieve than others, so take it as it comes. It is not really possible to "uplift" in the grieving process. Rather than can sometimes be interpreted wrong and more painful. I can understand what you mean though- how do you comfort the grieving? You be there with them, and you listen and sit with them. that's often all people need. You can bring food, water, tissues, etc. You aren't responsible for "fixing" anyone's feelings but rather just be there to help them feel supported. There is never a real "right" thing to say in these situations, its very individual to people's beliefs about dying which in Sikhi is that we merge with God or get reincarnated again. I have a family friend recently whose father died, and he said that they all sat together and did simran 24/7 around him, and it was a very big comfort to the family to be doing that. I am not sure if that is something maybe this family will want to do, is to do some form of prayers. Do wish him well in this journey. Take care of yourself as well. follow the cues about what to do as they come and serve as you need to.