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No.. dont ever think of cutting ur kesh.u will seperate urself from khalsa brotherhood n guruji.remember all the sacrifices of our gurujis and shaheeds for the sake of sikhi and kesh.u will regret it later. Rather try to convince ur father by politely telling him of sikh history.go to some religious person(not any fake baba) and ask for help.let them talk to ur father helps Watever is happening wid u is not right.he is ur father so he certainly wants ur gud.try to win him over wid lot of love n patience. But u guys really need gud sangat.pls go to gurudwaras or religious congregations and talk to mahapurushs there.DO SIMRAN TOGETHER at any time in ur will do wonders in ur family life.dont skip nitnems and do ardas to waheguruji all d time for better times.