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My main message would be, don’t assume anything. The way a woman dresses could be a variety of things- it doesn’t necessarily “mean” anything. It could be that she likes that top, she feels good about herself today, it makes her feel attractive, expresses her sexuality, etc. Clothing expresses ourselves it could be fashion. It could very well be that she wants a guy to flirt with her. Clothing does not comment on her worth and she still deserves to be treated with respect like any human being. Just remember clothing in itself isn’t an invitation and it doesn’t give you a right to her body.

I can’t speak for other women but personally am quite modest because I’m uncomfortable in wearing tops that show cleavage but I’ve recently realized that some men have a different definition of a “revealing” outfit and maybe what I wouldn’t call revealing some men would. So maybe some of it is perception too.

So to answer your question- what runs at the back of a woman's mind when she chooses her outfit- it will depend on the individual woman. I don't go around wondering why some guys wear baggy jeans that hang down to their knees and some wear super tight skinny jeans- their choice, and they could have made it for a bunch of reasons.