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The correct person for guidance would be someone who is at a higher avastha than us so we can learn from. Since I have not yet merged with Waheguru and I am on my own journey, I will share only what I have heard in katha and read in books written by those who have merged with Waheguru.

The images seen during meditation are part of the net of maya (called Har Chandauri)- we can see pictures, scenes, saints, prophets, etc. Since we have our eyes closed, kaal has tricked the mind and is now creating images in the mind. In order to progress you need to move past this. In one of the kathas (sorry I don’t remember which one or I would provide a link) I heard they explained that nowhere in Gurbani did they tell us that when we meet God we will start seeing images of Gurus. Instead when we get Naam we will hear the shabads, taste the amrit raas, etc. So we need not to focus on images of Gurus, or anything when we are meditating.

I’ll just give you an exerpt from a book “Like our mind is attracted to this colorful world, we are also attracted to the colors of the elements on the way to our home. If you put your dhyaan on the trehkuti different color will appear. These colors such as red, green, white, yellow, and black are the colors of various elements. These elements revolve around Naam. Those who focus on these colors during meditation mistakenly believe they have become enlightened. In ignorance, we continue to look at the colors and if we focus intensely different forms begin to appear. For example, if the mind is focused on the Gurus, Jesus, different demi-gods or holy books Maya will create these forms and put us into an illusion. We mistakenly believe we have reached a high stage or have reached the 10th door. In Gurbani we have been explained that God has no color, cast, creed, shape or size… The area where the colors appear is known as the city of illusion or Gandharab Nagari (Harchanduari). It too is a net of Maya.” (Page 161 Pantha Prem Na Janaye translated in English by Bhai Sewa Singh Ji).

That’s why I think it is helpful to have someone in your life to guide you on what to focus on. I was seeing bright lights when doing simran and I wasn’t sure whether to focus on them or not and it really helped to have some guidance from someone who could advise me on what to focus on or not. It is so great you and your wife are doing simran together :)