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Definitely the right site. I’m so sorry that happened. You must be so hurt!

It wasn’t wrong of you to trust him- you were even talking about getting married. So remember that what you felt can be real no matter what he felt or didn’t feel. Sometimes we go back in time and think we made a mistake in believing someone wouldn’t hurt us, but it’s not a mistake to love or trust or believe in the best in people. It’s a normal thing to do in order to build a meaningful relationship.

It is a big risk we take when we let our guard down and really let a person get to know us. Sometimes it can be really rewarding, deep and meaningful, and sometimes it can be really hurtful when it doesn’t end well. It’s normal for you to be scared to trust now and have more barriers. It’s a thing that we do to protect ourselves when we have been hurt and that’s okay!! When the time is right, you will find a way to trust again. It’s okay if that doesn’t happen for a while and it's the safe thing for you to do right now emotionally.

It sounds like he asked you to trust him, to let your barriers down, and after you did, he broke things off. That was a horrible thing for him to do! Such a betrayal. I can see why you felt like everything was a lie. Obviously he spent a lot of time with you so he must have actually liked the talks and had somewhat of an intention of a future with you. It was unfortunate that he lacked the maturity and communication skills to be able to have a real conversation about it. I mean if he didn’t have strong feelings for you, he should have told you much sooner, before he asked you to let your barriers down and before you were talking about marriage. If it was about something else then he should have told you so you could work on the relationship. We can't know what happened if he wasn't being honest about his feelings. Maybe he just didn't have the skills or practice to be able to do it so he said it in the only way he learned how.

You’re a great person and you will find the right person for you...Someone with better communication skills who knows how to talk about his feelings and build a relationship! It says nothing about your worth or your ability to find someone in the future. I know it hurts but try to remember that it’s better to have found out at least now rather than later. And that you don’t need to spend your life with someone not crazy for you. You deserve to spend your life with someone who absolutely loves you. You will heal from this but it’s going to take time. Try to read Gurbani and focus on your relationship with God right now. You will be able to trust again when you find the right person. It might take a longer time for you to trust him, but the right person won’t ask you to let your guard down when you aren’t ready.