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I am sorry you are struggling. It can be really hard when we are struggling and look at someone else who appears to have achieved what we are working for but without putting in the same amount of effort. I can relate to you that I have felt the same way from time to time.

Firstly, it sounds like she actually might be insecure about herself. An insecure person is one that has to do plastic surgery and dress the way she does- she needs to attention to feel good about herself. I like to remind myself that we can’t see people’s struggles and perhaps she is going through more than she is letting other people believe.

Another thing that helps is to remember that she got all the material things she got because of her past karma. Her present actions of course are influencing her future karma. So it’s not that she is getting all of these great things because of the way she is acting today. I think that God’s justice is far beyond what we could ever imagine and understand because it goes beyond these lifetimes.

Try to refocus on yourself instead of on her. Remind yourself of all the great qualities you have and the gifts in your life. It sounds like you have a lot of gifts. You are dedicated to Sikhi. I see you on this forum quite often helping other people, despite your struggles. God has given you the knowledge about this path. That’s a gift too. Remember, some people have everything outside, but it’s what’s inside that matters. It’s our struggles that allow us to grow and expand. Keep focused on your purpose in this life. You have the great opportunity to meet God in this life. Sometimes the people we are jealous of know nothing about life’s purpose and know only the pleasures of this life. You have the knowledge and skills to be able to get much more out of this life-time than those people. At least you are spending your days working hard and doing sewa instead of entangled in maya.

Anyway i hope that helped somewhat. That's kind of my thinking process when i'm feeling jealous or frustrated with my struggles.