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It sounds like this issue is causing you quite a bit of anxiety so I hope I can reassure you. It’s normal for a man to experience wet dreams once he’s gone through puberty. How often a man gets them will vary from person to person and there is actually no clear association between masturbation and how often you’ll get wet dreams. They might decrease once you get married/have a sexual partner. If you are still really worried, feel free to go and talk to your doctor about it. They hear about this kind of stuff all the time and they are probably better to answer your questions, but it’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Now as for daytime if you are having a hard time fighting lustful thoughts. I’ve written this before in a different post- sexual energy is normal. We can’t suppress it. It’s like anger- it’s not good to suppress. We say Kaam is bad because we don’t want to be obsessed with sexual thoughts. We don’t want them controlling us and taking over our lives and minds. Then we are a slave to Kaal.

Think about expressing the sexual energy in different ways like playing sports. Watch the video transforming sexual feelings by Guruka Singh. Everything should be in balance in life, and we need to learn to control the thoughts and we can control them by reading Gurbani to learn the path to God. We can control the 5 (kaam, krodh, lob, moh, hankaar) by simran to learn to stop the thoughts.