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I am not a pure Sikh but I really have a great devotion towards Sikhism. But after reading this article, I am shocked, until now I thought a Sikh is a person who is kind hearted to weak and innocent and a tough fighter against the evil, a Sikh is the one to protect the weak, a Sikh only works for good. A sikh works under the shelter of lord. Very sad to say about the practice going on of killing goat. I agree the above statement (When Guru Gobind Singh was in battle and the Singhs were trapped with no exit out of the mountain there was no food left so Singhs started to bake tree bark and eat it but it wouldnt give them energy to fight so guru sahib killed a goat with one strike (Jhatka) and gave the poor animal mukti from the birth and death cycle and the meat was given around as "Mahaprasad" and the singhs came storming back beating the mughals but the lesson was to only eat meat when its a absolute last resort and only kill it in a near death situation or in war and only Guru Sahib could give the animal mukti ). I deeply respect guru ji's work at that time. But now is the time to work on his learnings, what he thought us. The 52 hukums don't say to kill the goat. Come on dear Sikhs stay on his teaching, don't practice what world do. We should not do things that makes anyone cry. Who we are to kill the creature? We should be a Sikh. I pray to waheguruji to make them understand the meaning of a Sikh. Actually they know more than me, who I am? Just a boy from a point like place. But please I don't have words to express my emotions regarding these speechless creatures who got killed. Waheguruji please save them. And let Sikhism be as great as it was in guru sahib ji's time. Special request for the readers, please don't shower anger on me. Because before reading this I got a deep faith in Sikh, I felt hurt, how a Sikh can do so? Ie to kill goat. Please give me a satisfactory answer.