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Yes this is a wrong practice but i will clear up some things for you When Guru Gobind Singh was in battle and the Singhs were trapped with no exit out of the mountain there was no food left so Singhs started to bake tree bark and eat it but it wouldnt give them energy to fight so guru sahib killed a goat with one strike (Jhatka) and gave the poor animal mukti from the birth and death cycle and the meat was given around as "Mahaprasad" and the singhs came storming back beating the mughals but the lesson was to only eat meat when its a absolute last resort and only kill it in a near death situation or in war and only Guru Sahib could give the animal mukti these foolish people at Hazur Sahib think that the animal will get mukti just by there hands when they are but dust compared to Guru ji how will that sinning and erring mortal give that goat mukti ? Its simple as that and Khalsa was given a Hukam by Guru Gobind Singh to be Lacto Vegetarian and when you need to go into combat listen to Chandi di var path it will give endless amount of power and energy only in battle. So these people you see here are complete fools and God help them see what the truth is this practise needs to stop espeically at Hazur sahib gurudwara thats pure and is being filthened by the blood of that goat that was innocent there sins will soon enough come back in this world to came them pay Guru Nanak dev ji says That god is in everything so why kill the bird or chicken ? ( in this case its a goat) and Waheguru doesnt want a sacrifice to please him thats why Guru ji stopped the ritual of fasting for God when god doesnt want to see his children in pain ( Animals and Humans) so that is a big lie that this is a sacrifice that is to god and the shasters. Also eating the meat is also a sin when there is other food around and the 5 sin s of the animal will go into you.