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I had removed my kesh, it is sad for me to say this, I kept my Kesh now, but, I feel that the Sikhs that have removed their have not understood the meaning of Kesh, Now with the Sikhs who are not Punjabi or Indian background, such as the Sikhs in New Mexico, most keep their kesh, and at least half of these Sikhs are White, so if I were to calculate this, the Sikhs that will help bring Khalsa Raj, will not be done by Indians, but these White Sikhs, who follow the Rehat to a higher level, only Guru Ji chooses who is a Sikh, that is why this path seems like it is falling, in the Gurus eyes the Sikh path is forced to become stronger, as there are limits on who we can trust, Sikhi is immortal, something I learned when I kept my Kesh, but despite Sikhi is immortal, I want to say that this path is only being challenged, because Waheguru has created us in 2-3 centuries, and we were kings at the start, kings in the present world, and will be kings in the future, it is Raj Keera Ka Khalsa