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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

To weak person other person tries to control. This type of controlling weak person prevails in all culture eastern or western, school or office, brother or sister, friend or foe. This is universal truth. The core thing is weakness.

The question is how to overcome weakness or establish strong personality. Few suggestions:

  1. Become leader to lead work at office, school, Gurdwara, home or where ever possible. Try to participate in other work to help them.
  2. Think practically not emotionally. Doing work with feeling is good but doing work with emotions is not good.
  3. Start enjoying some outdoor sports like running, swimming, hiking, biking. If we starts enjoy sports activity then it will become part of our life beside health benefit we can achieve big targets like marathon etc. At the end it will increase our confidence and gives us good feeling. People join sports for health benefit but don’t enjoy and feel it burden and after sometimes they stop. So enjoyment in activity is must.
  4. Explore nature. There are lots of national and state parks around our home which we don’t know because we don’t have interest. They are beautiful. Nature gives our positive energy.
  5. Do all your work to keep Guru Nanak in your mind. Means Guru Nanak is there not you. Or behave in such a way to understand how Guru will handle this situation.
  6. Only spread and accept positive energy. Do not let any room for negativity in your life.
  7. Start learning keertan. It will increase confidence and you can sing shabad at Grudwara or at friend’s house.
  8. Do nitnem daily and read one page of SGGS with understanding to analyze your life for improvement. It will change our life because after sometimes Guru will start working within us with his teachings.
  9. Guru Gobind Singh ji baptized sikh to make them leader to stand for righteous things.

All of these suggestions change our traditional mindset and gives use new hope and new values and make us strong leader. Once we are strong others behavior will automatically change. They start seeing us good valuable person on whom they can rely. You will see magic in your life after following these suggestions. Nothing is impossible, with Guru’s blessing we can change our self to become good leader and impact the world.

Link for samagams where all sangat sing: They also do local sangat on weekends. Thanks!