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Dear sister,

What a terrible situation. Just remember when people gossip about you, shame on them for saying bad things about someone else and judging you. Who are they to judge your life? We should not do nindiya/chugli in Sikhi (slander/gossip/bad-mouth) and so know that those people are creating bad karma for themselves. Those are not true gurmukhs who speak badly about another, why should you care about what they think then? You may have to think about starting to let go of valuing other people’s opinions of you. Remember there are so many examples in our Sikh history of people who were against and spoke badly of our Guru Jis, that did not stop them from doing good in their own life. Remember, “One who is imbued with the lord’s lave is slandered- this is what I have seen in this dark age of kali yuga” (page 299 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). People will even say bad things about people who love God and are doing amazing things, who haven’t done anything wrong! So don’t worry about what other people are thinking of you. That’s their own problem. If you say fateh to other people and they don’t respond, that is their own problem and ego thinking they are better than you rather than equal. You are not inferior to anyone else, we all make mistakes. Some people’s you find out about, others you don’t.

I also know the importance of community. Being isolated is not a nice thing so I can see why it is important for you to be able to be comfortable sitting in sangat. Even having one person on your side would be nice so you can go together. Close your eyes and focus on your own relationship with God. Forget about the other people there. When they realize you don’t care, they will find a new person to gossip about. Don’t let them stop you from going. You have a right to be there. What people want you to do is sit at home and hide out. Be stronger and more powerful than that. Show them they can’t make you do that. Keep doing Naam simran and bani. It will make you stronger and help you get through this. You can do it. Your relationship to God is your own, and no one can stop you. Remember your purpose in this life is not pleasing others, its about you and Waheguru. Focus on your purpose and other people can't stop you. They will realize that they have a lot to learn from you :)