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2018-03-15 03:14:04 -0500 asked a question Question about Central Khalsa Orphanage?

Hello Guys

The Central Khalsa Orphanage based in Amritsar requires that its non-Sikh boys who are admitted be required to grow their hair and wear patkas until the age of 12 and turbans until they turn 18 in which they can cut their hair again.

What do you think of this?

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2017-04-19 23:24:14 -0500 asked a question Need help regarding my son's Autism

Back in August, before I was accepted into a 4 year “Bachelor of Science in Nursing” Program, I was a single mother of a 7 year old son who has high functioning Autism struggling to make ends meet plus trying to meet my son’s needs at the same time. Anyway, when I was accepted into the 4-year nursing program, I knew that I would struggle because my son’s needs were overwhelming but fortunately for me my neighbours who are Sikhs told me that they have some relatives in India who can take care of my son for a few hundred dollars a month while I am going to nursing school. It was too good to be true and I originally thought it was the perfect arrangement; no interruptions while I am doing my studies and my son is in a supportive family environment. However, all seemed fine until I got a phone call from the wife of the family in India who was hosting my son last October telling me that my son was causing their own son to want to cut his hair and as a result they wanted to send my son back home. Because having my son home again would severely disrupt my studies, I desperately tried to make a deal with her and her husband and they agreed to continue taking care of my son but he would have to follow the family’s Sikh way of life and he would have to refrain from cutting his hair. I agreed to their terms and was relieved that I can continue my nursing education without worry. My son told me on the phone that he does not like having long hair and wearing a patka and I do feel guilty for making my son go through this but I cannot deal with him while I am going to University because my son’s Autism is too much for me to handle and the Sikh family who is taking care of him seems to be making progress in teaching him basic social skills.

I want to know if I done the right thing for my son?

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2017-03-28 21:32:43 -0500 asked a question how do we personally contact other people on this forum?

How does a user contact another user on this forum? I am trying to look up the email address for the user "Not at all Punjabi" in order to ask him some questions regarding Sikhi but I cannot find it!

2017-03-28 21:28:05 -0500 asked a question how do we personally contact other people on this forum?

How does a user contact another user on this forum? I am trying to look up the email address for the user "Not at all Punjabi" in order to ash him some question but I cannot find it!

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2017-03-21 01:33:18 -0500 asked a question interfaith marriage and in-laws

How should a non-Sikh spouse deal with hostile in-laws who are opposed to the marriage? My friend who is currently married to an Sikh woman was told by her family that they would only accept him if he converts to Sikhism.

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2017-03-11 14:39:08 -0500 answered a question What Sikhism has to say on this issue?

From my experience, Sikhs will not marry those who are from the same village due to fears of incest. The Guru Granth Sahib does say things about lust and using common sense so in a way the Guru Granth Sahib is telling people to use common sense and avoid marriage with cousins and even distant relatives due to the risk of genetic disorders.

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2016-09-09 21:26:12 -0500 asked a question Arranged Marriage and Caste

In 2006 when I was thirteen years old, my mother and I were living in Ludhiana, India due to her managerial job with a multinational company. My mother was still recovering from the shock of losing her late husband (my father) due to a brain aneurism that killed him the year prior, and as a result of his death my mother accepted a transfer in her company to go to India for a few years in which she took me with her. During the first few months living in Ludhiana, my mother fell head over heels with a 32 year old Sikh handsome clean shaven Sikh named Rashpal Singh. My mother was deeply in love with Rashpal and that love was reciprocated (Rashpal married my mother anyway in a civil ceremony). However, a few weeks later during a trip back to Canada to visit my grandmother by myself who was terminally ill, I was told that my mother and Rashpal Singh passed were killed in a freak car accident. I was absolutely devastated and worried about the future at the same time as my grandmother was the only living relative I had. A few days later, my grandmother passed away leaving me completely heartbroken and distraught. After a few months of living in a foster care home I was visited by a Social Worker who came to tell me that Rashpal Singh’s parents officially adopted me and they were in Canada to take me back to India. During the plane trip to India I learnt that Raspal Singh was completely disowned by his parents when he was 19 years old for cutting his Kesh and the true reason they decided to adopt me was to have a son to take over their business when they got very old and to care for them in old age. Raspal’s parent’s names are Aanand Singh Nanda and Manat Kaur Nanda and they were well off since they owned several business in Ludhiana, also they are very strict Amritdhari Khatri Sikhs. Adjusting to a new language and culture was hard enough but the biggest culture shock was being taken to the quarterly samagam held at the Gurdwara Sahib Brahm Bunga in Dodra beginning the next day after I arrived in India and returning home as an Amritdari Sikh wearing a Patiala Shahi Pagg Turban.

Today I am twenty-three years old and I still live with my adoptive parents Aanand Singh and Manat Kaur. At first I was upset at having to never being allowed to cut my hair and having to wear a turban all the time but when I gradually learnt how to read Gurmukhi and Speak Punjabi fluently and understand the Banis that I recite every day, I am quite happy and content being a fully bearded turbaned Amritdhari Sikh and I have a great job working for my adoptive father as a manager at his various businesses. Even then, I am unhappy about one thing, I am not ... (more)

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2016-09-03 02:02:32 -0500 asked a question living with a Sikh family

If a non-Sikh child lives with a Sikh family, does he have to wear a patka?

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2016-07-21 04:30:16 -0500 asked a question Disowning a Child

A Sikh couple I know has disowned their son for cutting his hair and refuse to acknowledge him as their son until he takes Amrit Sanchar again. What does Sikhi have to say about such parents?

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2016-07-06 05:04:29 -0500 asked a question living with a Granthi

Hi Everyone

The reason I asked a question about hair extensions in a previous post is because my cousin who is fourteen years old (he is an exchange student from Canada) has been living with a Granthi, his wife and two sons in a small village in Tarn Taran District for the past three months and the Granthi has made my cousin wear a patka. It all started when the Granthi's sons demanded that my cousin be subjected to the same strict rules that are applied to them even though my cousin is a long term guest and not the Granthi's son. Nevertheless, the Granthi made my cousin get hair extensions during a trip into Amritsar and upon arrival back into the village, my cousin was made to wear a patka much to the Granthi's sons' delight.I asked many Sikhs if the Granthi was justified in doing this and there has been mixed answers.

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2016-05-31 01:05:19 -0500 asked a question placing a non-Sikh child in a Sikh home


I am posting anonymously because I am employed by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development as a Social Worker here in Surrey, B.C. Canada and right now I am part of a classified case where a 4 year old non-Sikh boy has been removed from His Sikh foster parents because they let his hair grow long and had him wearing a patka, this violated the rules of imposing a religion on a foster child so the foster child had to be removed. I don't agree with the decision being made by Child Protection Services as the Sikh foster family was doing a great job of taking care of him. What is your opinion of this?

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2016-04-17 04:02:42 -0500 asked a question grandmother cutting grandson's hair

There is a man I know who embraced Sikhism because he married a Punjabi Sikh woman. His son during his last visit to his Catholic grandmother's home got his hair cut by his grandmother and he is very angry at his mother (son's grandmother) for cutting his son's hair even though he and his wife told her not to and have not talked to her for several months. How should have the parent's react to this situation?

2016-03-31 04:33:08 -0500 asked a question Hair Extensions

For people with short hair, tying a turban or patka is very difficult as the lack of hair makes the turban look distorted, for those who want to wear a turban properly, would it be okay to get hair extensions so one can have long hair?

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2016-03-22 04:46:38 -0500 asked a question Situation regarding teen pregnancy

I was talking to a 17 year old boy living in Surrey who got his Sikh girlfriend pregnant, her parents are furious and they want him to convert to Sikhism and marry her and move in, any advice I should give him?