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i am done with my life

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im 16 here are a list of my problems: i have social anxiety im so skinny but apparently i have this chronic disease since 5 years or so that won't let me gain weight my mom and brother have chronic diseases can't concentrate on studies i blindly fell in "love" with this guy since 3 years ago and he hates me and he is going to leave forever in few days We have been living ar my uncle's house in Canada since we came from india in 2014, and 3 people sleep in the same room , i couldn't even concentrate on my studies , my cousin who is in the same grade as me was also a reason i couldn't concentrate,

okay but right now the main problem is I have something that i dont know, it started off with me randomly feeling to pass out to one day severe anxiety to one month of sleep deprivation (had to take sleeping pills), to not knowing who i am , to me feeling stuck in the universe etc. etc. All my physical exams, blood tests etc were fine. Apparently I have some mental thing , i was searching up my symptoms i found departmentalization disorder . or I have a tumor but I dont have frequent headaches or anything so idk , and also when i told my parents to take me to a neurologist they said i was making up excuses for my bad grades. MY doctor told me to see a psychiatrist but my parents never took me to one Anyways idk why but presence of my crush makes me fell better. Even tho I don't see him i know he is there, i have never talked to him and he hates me (things he said), but still its like idk man . The thing is he is moving to some place in a few days and i feel like something is going to happen to me. I feel like my depersonalization would become more severe. Anyways i would start praying but i dont have that much faith also i feel bad and feel like god hates me, i also feel inferiority complex and some stuff that refrain me from doing paath, i dont have much time. My grades went so low this year and i wanna work hard next year . I am scared, what if i never got better or ended up in a mental facility or something . I really don't know what to do anymore. And the other thing is no - one knows exactly what im going through , i tried telling my friends they said i was acting weird, they did try to help me tho. I m not comfortable telling my parents such stuff idk why and they will be over worried and think random stuff. idk what to do... :( im gonna try doing paath since i dont see any other way , but people say u need to have faith but i am not sure ... (more)

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answered 2019-05-09 00:36:47 -0500

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Hey, It really does sound like you have a lot of anxiety symptoms that need to be managed including problems with sleeping, feeling like you are stuck in the universe, and the depersonalization which is a feeling like you are watching yourself on the outside. It is good that you’ve been checked for other things but you really do need to treat your anxiety. The best way to do that is through finding a counsellor. This is no reason for you to end up on a “mental facility” – a lot of people have anxiety just like you. and it can be incapacitating. I’m sure if your anxiety would be better managed it would help you wit hyour concentration too. I think that also, it is legitimately hard to study when you are living in the same room with so many people- is there somewhere else you can study? Maybe a library? God created all of us and loves us and the more Gurbani you will understand the more you will realize that. I think that it will help significantly with your anxiety as well. Search up shabads for anxiety- there’s a lot of them that are very calming. Go see a doctor too about your anxiety as they can set up the counselling. The counsellor gives you tools to deal with it. Simran is also one technique of dealing with anxiety.

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